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How to tap into Chinese market: the complete list of marketing channels in China part 2

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In the previous article, I have introduced the Push Channels of marketing in China, both online and offline. And in this article we will zoom in on online/internet marketing, and introduce a popular and effective method of digital marketing: Community Marketing, namely to raise brand awareness and promote products/services among online communities in the internet world of China.

How to Create Wechat Official Account

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China‘s internet population in 2014 hits 649 million, 86% on phones, which is almost the total population of Europe. However, there is no Google, no Facebook, no twitter, no YouTube, … How do you reach these “netizens” then? At Goglo, our local talents can help you to identify the right target group, select right local social media, and efficiently engage your target group within these platforms. Today we will introduce one of the most popular social media in China: Wechat.

In this article, we will start with introducing Wechat, Wechat Official Account, and how to apply for a Wechat Official Account for your organizations.


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