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Online Marketing

Imagine, A World without Google...

According to Reuters February, China‘s internet population in 2014 hits 649 million, 86% on phones. It is almost the total population of Europe, while this huge number of people share same language online. So online marketing definitely play more and more significant role,in particular to the middle and upper class, and young generation. However, there is no Google, no facebook, no twitter, no youtube, … How do you reach these internet users then? Baidu, wechat, weibo, youku, … Our talents are among the best group of people there who know how these platforms work and could efficiently engage your target group within these platforms.

China is different, not only about LANGUAGE


Website Localization & Development

A local website aligned with your main business but also meeting the taste of Chinese audience is essential. It could hub your online activities in China and present your knowledge, services and products according to local users’ experience. We could offer hosting your websites in China to skip the Great Chinese firewall and enhance the loading speed of the local users, which can be beneficial for local SEO at Baidu as well. 

  • Domain registration;
  • Web hosting;
  • Web enlisting in the government;
  • SEO friendly content creating;
  • Responsive Chinese website;
  • E-commerce or non-ecommerce website;
  • Landing page


Search Engine Marketing

In China Baidu is dominant search engine not Google. Our talented team could boost the traffic of your website locally through either organic SEO or managing your PPC (pay per click) campaigns in a cost efficient way. 


social network12Community Management

Community Management: social media is an essential part of community management, b but good community management should not only focus on social media. In China, there are various online community to feed buzz, spread your names, and cultivate relationship with your customers. 


social16Public Relations

In the digital world, eReputation is more and more vital for public images of the companies. Goglo has long maintained good relationship with the local media. Our team will work as your brand guard,and maintain a high sensitivity towards any negative comments/misinformation of your business. Furthermore, we can created buzz,blog or newsletter regularly and feed them on right press/media. 


Pave Your Way to Online China

Goglo is simply your best partner to be in China and lead you a fastest way to reach your target market and customers through professional online marketing strategies and initiatives.