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Marketing Strategies

With a population of 1.4 billion, and the rising demand of a huge group of middle class, China is THE PLACE, and Chinese consumers are THE GROWTH DRIVE. However, China is different, not only about language.

The rich and diversified culture decides their consumers behaviors, the rapid economic development creates huge generation gap. To target Chinese customers, it is essential to identify the right target group, and choose the right marketing approach to localize the right customers for your business and generate revenue ultimately. At Goglo, we have a group of people who have industry know-how, and rich experiences in both online and offline marketing, and both in China and Europe. With our expertise, we could lead you a fastest way to your customers in/from China.

Marketing Research

A practical marketing strategy always starts with a research towards the market, the target group, the competitors, the future drive, etc. At Goglo, we can offer a complete package of marketing research, employing different tools, and making use of our business network in China to talk to the target group directly, make surveys there, and cooperate with the local research institutes. In the end, we will present the results, and suggest the right approach, measures and actions

Identity Setup

A proper name deliver thousands of messages. We see most of the Chinese business people here in Europe having a Western name, as since 1000 years ago, they have already developed strong belief of “入乡随俗”(ru xiang sui su), which means adapting to the locals. And same, they would appreciate your adapting to their local culture when you want to do business with them. So having a proper Chinese name of your brand, your staff, product series, and proper identities could generate multiple effects. Whereas, we have seen so many awful cases of westerners in China,having antic names and identities. 

The success of Coca Cola in China can be also largely thanks to its nice Chinese name "可口可乐” (ke kou ke le), which does not only pronounciate quite close to the English name, but also means tasty and happy, and easy to remember; on the other hand, "Bing" sounds like "病” in Chinese, which means illness, and it is not given a strong Chinese name to cover the weakness of English name, which could partly explain the unpopularity of Bing in China.

A really humble gentleman named Fiederick van der Janssen, introduced himself to be 费德里克 凡德 杨森,which is a super long name for Chinese, and very difficult to remember, in particular for the middle-aged to senior Chinese who don’t speak any English. A good example for a proper localized name is the CEO of DSM, Mr. Feike Sijbesma, who appeared frequently in Chinese media with the name 谢白曼,which follows the Chinese name rule (starting with a family name then given name), and sounds very elegant and cultural.

A company called ** B.V. was presented as **民营公司,which means private enterprise literally, but B.V. has a Chinese corresponding term “有限责任公司”.

Brand Stories

Chinese like stories. A good story could spread fast and long through a proper digital marketing strategy. We have professional native-speaking people in writing stories and business cases. It’s not only about writing. Communication is very essential in this sense to give a touching story and cutting-end business case. Knowing the audience and digital technology is another principle to develop a good brand story.

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Pave Your Way to Online China

Goglo is simply your best partner to be in China and lead you a fastest way to reach your target market and customers through professional online marketing strategies and initiatives.