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When we talk about e-Commerce in China, what we are talking about...



Chinese consumers recognize the value of European products and innovation, and there is a rising trend of weighing the origin of products more than brand.



Entry Strategies

More than a dozen multibillion-dollar players are shaping China’s e-commerce marketplaces, ranging from cross-category e-tailer to single category ones. It isn’t enough to engage with just one of these platforms, multi-channel/integrated platform strategy is always recommended. After interacting with your team, Goglo could fulfill its mission to spread your online sales to China through different steps and different platforms. 

  • e-Commerce Market Research and Consumer Insights:
  • Online Competitive Research and Benchmarking;
  • e-Commerce Platform Screening and Selection;
  • Integrated platform Strategy Development & setup;
  • Strategy Integration of e-Commerce and Online Marketing.

Popular e-tailing platforms in China and suitable for European products


B2C Malls

By Malls it explicitly means cross category shopping platforms. 

B2c 2


Vertical B2C

There are also quite a few well-operated platforms that focus on certain segment, industry, or brand. 

  • Food & Beverages: womai.com, jiuxian.com;
  • Fashion: vip.com, Jumei.com.


Hospitality Industry

Online sales of travel is booming in China, together with outbound travel, with 107 million persons having traveled outbound. Both business and leisure are on the rise, among which younger generation 80s and 90s dominate leisure travel, and are more inclined to use online platforms to plan their trips, including PC platforms and mobile Apps. 

Goglo could help you to present your products & services to the local online platforms, reach more target customers, and fulfill orders finally.  

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Pave Your Way to Online China

Goglo is simply your best partner to be in China and lead you a fastest way to reach your target market and customers through professional online marketing strategies and initiatives.