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Welcome to Goglo Media


About Goglo


Goglo Consultancy is a Dutch company and dedicated to bridging business opportunities between Europe and China. It so far has established three main business with respected partners from Europe and China: Gogloforbook,  eGO Europe and Goglo Media BV


About Goglo Media


Goglo Media is a Holland-based and China-oriented online marketing agency, which dedicates its professional team from both Utrecht and Shenzhen in helping European companies to set up online presence in China. At Goglo, we offer one stop solution to present your products and services to over half billion Chinese internet users, and reach your goals of booming business in China.


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Our Team

"Global Vision and Local Delivery" is our uniqueness. Our team in the Netherlands know your pains and ambitions, and our team in China consist of some of the best professionals among China in online marketing technologies. Combining our local knowledge, expertise and leading global technologies, we believe we are the best partner for marketing your business in China.

Meet Our Great Team

Susie Huang/Managing Partner, the Netherlands

Susie is Chinese native, and has an MBA degree from Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands. Having always worked in marketing & sales sector in multi-cultural environment including China, India, Africa, then the Netherlands, she knows the universal language of marketing and has always been curious and exploring the codes of cross-cultural communication. Currently based in The Netherlands, her main responsibility is to connect dots of the projects and build up business cases.

Dickson Jia/Managing Partner, China

Dickson has an MBA degree at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and a bachelor degree in e-Commerce of Shandong University in China. Being a seasoned online marketing professional in web development, SEO, SEM, Social Media marketing, 3rd party e-mall operations, he also has quite experience of leading team of e-commerce and online marketing. Based in Beijing, China, he is in charge of the local delivery of online marketing & e-Commerce services.

May Xie/Content Creator, e-Commerce Manager

May has been active in international trade for over 15 years. Being a true entrepreneur herself, she is currently running three webshops on Taobao and Tmall. May has long been a freelancer-writer. Articles written by her have been published in quite a few local media/newspaper in China.

Chelsea Lee/Business Development Manager

Chelsea graduated from Jilin University, and majored in international trading and economics. Chelsea has 6+ years experience in international business development, in a fast-growing private company and a Fortune 500 state-owned-corporate successively. As a business development professional, Chelsea will work as your brand ambassador and sales representative in China, to develop new business, follow up leads, manage accounts, and close deals ultimately.

Gordon Wang/e-Commerce Manager

Gordon has a bachelor degree in telecommunication engineer, and has always been active in online sales positions, and also worked as operations manager of an online shop. Having worked within popular online platforms of Taobao, Tmall, JingDong, VIP.com, Suning.com, etc., Gordon has sharp insights towards webshop operations and specific promotion towards single product.

Yann Guo/SEM Manager

Yann has a bachelor degree in e-Commerce. He had worked as SEM manager of a large medical equipment provider, and Account Manager of Baidu, the dominant search engine in China. With combination of these two positions, Yann has solid knowledge towards how websites could stand out at Baidu at an effective and cost-efficient way. Yann will manage your Baidu Campaign account from Beijing.

Zephyr Liu/Web & Graphic Designer

Zephyr holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Design. He has firstly worked in an advertisement firm in Hongzhou as Web Designer, then relocated to Beijing. He also has a designing studio himself dedicated to web design and 2D design in Beijing.

Thomas Lv/SEO Manager

Being a true "Geek", Thomas has a special nose for buzz feed. He has led the SEO operations of three renowned companies, including Soufun, the largest online real estate platform in China. Having been dedicated to SEO since the start of his career, Thomas will ensure the traffic of your local websites in China.

Simon Zhou/Web Developer

Simon has a bachelor degree in Computer Sciences. Having rich experience in web development, he is very skillful at PHP development and CMS. With deep functional knowledge and hands on design experience, he also holds strong grasp of security principles and how they apply to E-Commerce applications.

Pave Your Way to Online China

Goglo is simply your best partner to be in China and lead you a fastest way to reach your target market and customers through professional online marketing strategies and initiatives.